We gather all frequently asked questions from customer as below  

Q: Where are the goods come from?
A: Our goods are imported from many countries such as
USA, France, Germany and Etc...  All the goods have been qualified
and passed the National standard from the manufacturers.

Q: Is the data logger battery can be recharged?
A: The battery is non rechargeable. After the battery run out, the user needs to replace the device with the new battery.
For the lifetime of the battery is depend on the frequently of used but normally around 1-2 years.

Q: Can the user replace the battery themselves?
A:  The battery is user replaceable.

Q: Lead-time for delivery the goods?
A: As we indicated in our quotation that is around 30 days after received the customer PO.

Q: How to deliver the goods?
A: We have 2 methods to deliver the goods.
Door to Door service is for the devices that need to be demonstrated before use.
Express Mail Service (EMS) for the ready to used devices which will take time around 1-2 business days with a free of charge service.